Specializing in assisting clients to address a broad array of human resources needs

About Mungall Consulting

We are the Mungall Consulting Group Ltd. (MCG). Founded in 1994, we specialize in assisting clients to address a broad array of human resources needs in an integrated and cost effective way. We understand that people are your competitive advantage. Our approach and solutions help you to attract and retain the competitive advantage you need. We do this by ensuring that your Human Resources policies and practices are current, aligned and integrated with your business.

Current - taking advantage of both the latest research, and best practices, helping you incorporate both "leading edge" thinking and proven strategies in your HR plans. Aligned - fitting your culture, goals and priorities or, alternatively, helping to set the tone for a changed culture, goals and priorities. Integrated - transferring knowledge to the organization in a holistic way. We believe that although any number of HR practices may be "tried and true", it is most important that the practices and tools which we use align with each client’s business goals and the organizational capabilities required to implement and maintain them.

Our corporate philosophy is to always partner with each client organization, developing the tools and solutions that are right for their specific needs and level of organizational development to enable the organization to move forward.

Partnering with clients in a variety of industries, we can offer you the benefit of our knowledge of Human Resources Best Practices. To find out more about how MCG can assist you, click on the Services Section of our website.

If you have specific questions, which are not answered by our Services Section, or to find out how we can assist your organization, please contact us at

What we do

What we can do for you

Whether your challenges range from developing systems to encouraging employee development to ensuring employee commitment, the Mungall Consulting Group will partner with you to develop solutions that fit your needs. Our consultants have extensive experience assisting a variety of organizations with many different areas of Human Resource practice.

Rewards Systems

Design and implement reward systems that communicate or contribute to the development of organizational values.

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Performance Management

Design and implement performance management systems and approaches that incorporate the latest research with practical implementation strategies.

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Organizational Effectiveness

Determine what employees value, and assess organizational effectiveness in managing those things that make a difference to employee commitment.

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Employment Legislation

Comply with employment related legislation in a cost effective way, while continuing to align HR strategies with business goals and priorities.

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Tools and Infrastructure

Develop appropriate tools, infrastructure and organizational supports to enable the successful introduction of new or changed HR policies and practices.

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Custom Solutions

If you have specific questions regarding how MCG’s Services can help you to achieve your Human Resources goals and objectives, please contact us at

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